‘We are ready’ for CHABS Amsterdam Photoshoot


‘We are ready’ for CHABS Amsterdam Photoshoot

chabsam‘We are ready’ for CHABS Amsterdam Photoshoot

CHABSAM (Creative Hair and Beauty Show storms Amsterdam May 1st. In preparation for the most creative Cancer awareness event ever, we are holding the pre photoshoot on March 13th and we thank Mega stores for their huge support.

For more information about how to participate May 1st please click here.



CHABSAM Photoshoot will be featuring:

Nida Saleemi
Naela Khan Noorani
Samira Bhikhie
Serra Hendriks
Kessy Ovwighoseapply here for chabsuk
Iman Djenet Ben
Sharina Van Der Vliet
Sabiha ColourYourFace Makeup
Nandini Sewtahal
Salima Belkhatir

Our Work:
We simply visit rural villages in Africa educating the people about the early Signs and Symptoms of Cancer. Our team of Volunteers is a mixture of medical and non-medical professionals.

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