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Day 7: Community Health Building

Day 7: Community Health Construction Day 7: Thank God all went well and safe yesterday. The lintel is all set. left to dry till Thursday. Some of the videos below are the finished work. Workers are currently on-site setting up extra pillars and moulding blocks. Please we need your kind donations to help us compare […]

I gave up trying to please everyone

I gave up trying to please everyone because no matter how hard I tried I just could never please them. I found myself worrying so much about what others said and thought about my dream. Well, enough is enough, I have decided to live my life my way and chase my dream. No body is […]

I just want to try

“I just want to try. So many voices telling me that my dream is unrealistic. My mind is young and very vulnerable. I need my closer circle telling me each day that my dream is possible. The world may get me down, but if I keep believing in myself, my mindset and habits will improve […]

5 days to Chabs Graffiti Photo-shoot. 5 Photographers. Kids/Adults.

5 days to #Chabs #Graffiti Photoshoot. 5 Photographers. Kids/Adults. One amazing location. Please note that this photoshoot is only for #Chabs registered models. To register please inbox Ronnie Jacobs or visit Never let anyone stop you from living your dream. Join the fundraising or give a kind #donation using this link: Photographers: LG Tracey, Monika Schaible, Kevin Mark Benjamin. #Gidiboy and Cockney Rebel Photography. We are looking forward to […]

Appeal for Unwanted/Unused Medical Equipment and office Facilities

We are appealing for unwanted/unused Medical equipment and office facilities for the medical centre we are building in rural Africa. 98% of women and men with late diagnosis of cancer symptoms do not survive in rural Africa, due to unavailable funds for treatment/care, inadequate diagnosis/treatment centres and a general lack of awareness. Consequently, Cancel Cancer […]

Join us welcome Cockney Rebel Photography 

Join us welcome Cockney Rebel Photography to the team of photographers volunteering to help us make the #Grafitti photoshoot a success. Thank you LG Tracey Monika Schaible Aileen Pauco and Kevin Mark Benjamin. Kindly note that this shoot is only for Chabs registered models. To register please inbox Ronnie Jacobs or visit Never let anyone stop you from living your dream. We are looking forward to our […]

For months COVID has changed the way we live.

For months COVID has changed the way we live, hindered our charity work in Africa, furthermore, it’s looking at doing this for a few months more. However, as the government continues to ease the restrictions, we must continue to find safe and innovative ways to breathe again. CHABS is doing just that. With proper consultations […]

When you shop on Amazon, we can get a donation?

Did you know that when you shop on Amazon, they give us a donation? This is a great way to give to Cancel Cancer Africa UK when you shop. And it doesn’t cost you anything. When shopping, use Amazon Smile, you still get to browse all the selections of products within your account. The difference is […]

Cancer in Africa: What is our motivation, as we plan to open the centre by October 30th, 2022.

Why is Cancel Cancer Africa building a free Medical Health Centre in rural Africa, and is it sustainable? Cancer in Africa: What is our motivation, as we plan to open the centre by October 30th, 2022. The Problem. About 70% of deaths from cancer occur in low- and middle-income countries. Hepatitis and human papillomavirus (HPV) […]