Event terms and Medical Questionnaire. To enable us to provide a safe and protected environment, we must insist that all participants fill out our health questionnaire as well as read through our safeguarding policies and procedures. Furthermore, please read through the event-specific instructions below. Kindly fill out all the required areas on the Medical Form and click SUBMIT. You can also access our safeguarding policies and safeguarding procedures by clicking the link.

Age Limit

Kids must be from 5+ years and above.


Everyone is expected to be responsible in line with the new government guidelines.

No Parent is allowed backstage

For the safety and safeguarding of all children participating, we do not allow any parent back stage, unless our licenced chaperones and checked volunteers.

Wear simple clothes on arrival.

Your child would be given a plastic bag upon arrival to put all their clothes in after they have changed. This is to prevent shoes, socks etc going missing. Children could arrive in a onesie where possible. For ease to change into designer’s outfit. Please no suitcases or big bags. Only one small bag will be allowed.

When to Arrive

Please drop off your kids one hour before the show. Depending on your show time, you will need to leave and then return 15 minutes for the show with your ticket. Please be on time, this will avoid your child missing any practice time.

Food and Drinks allowed

No child will be released to the parents until the show is finished. We invite all the kids to come out at the end to showcase thier outfits, also for Health and safety reasons.

When can kids leave?

Kids can only be collected after the show. Please ensure your child knows the designer they are walking for. On the occassion where you have this information, kindly inform volunteers at the signing desk. On small shows, this may be the case. So, please do not panic.


If your child has any allergies please advise the team when booking in. All medication should be clearly labelled.

Mobile phones

Mobile Telephones – please advise your child NOT to post any photos on social media of any other child. Your telephone number should be provided to your designer.

If any child is distressed – a Chaperone will call the parent.

If any child is distressed – a Chaperone will call the parent.

Make up/hair styling

We will only provide makeup, kindly come with your hair done.

Venue address

Chabs London 2022 will be held at: St Johns Church, 18 Hyde Park Cres, Tyburnia, London W2 2QD

Parking. Kindly contact the centre to book ahead.

Ground Rules

A few in house rules.

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable event for everyone, we ask that:

  1. Everyone should stay seated until the break sessions.
  2. No kids are collected until the end of the show.
  3. No drinking or smoking inside the event venue.
  4. No standing in front of the runway to take pictures.
  5. No standing in front of others, unless you are seated on the last row.
  6. Everyone attending is expected to buy a nonrefundable ticket.