About Ronnie Jacobs.

Ronnie Jacobs continues to serve as a notable motivator in and around the world, while endlessly refining his inner self. Now a familiar authority on the psychology of self-development and living a healthy life, he is appreciated for his consistency in capacity building and his humanitarian endeavours in fighting Cancer in rural Africa.

Ronnie Jacobs a 1st class graduate is the founder of Cancel Cancer Africa UK Charity, CEO of London’s largest Kids Fashion Festival International, CEO and founder of CHABS Fashion Show UK, founder of CCA Music Festival UK, CEO JREEP film company and Chairman board of Trustee Lift Above Cancer Charity Nigeria.

Ronnie Jacobs was born in Birmingham, England and his parents are from a rural village in Edo State, Nigeria. His father died of prostate cancer in 2010. Making his mother a widow, depriving her of a loving husband of over 40 years of marriage and the chance of his father playing with all his lovely grandchildren.

His father never told anyone about his early symptoms and kept his illness until he died a secret. It was a sad loss, but it was made worse when the children eventually found out why he died, which could have been easily prevented. This pain led Ronnie to set up a local charity in Nigeria (Lift Above Cancer) and Cancel Cancer Africa in the UK to help raise cancer awareness in rural communities in Africa.

“My passion is to build a free community health centre that will contribute to improving early detection of cancer symptoms to help the local people”

One in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime and it is the second leading cause of cancer death in men in Africa. The rate of late presentations of Cancer symptoms in rural Africa is the number one reason why the number of people dying from cancer is very high in rural Africa. Most countries in Africa do not have the facilities to care for Cancer patients. Imagine a country of over 60 million people with just one government MRI. Many poor women live in rural villages need to travel hundreds of kilometres to the city capital hospital with the hope that they will be attended to.

About Ronnie Jacobs



CCA Festival (CCAF) is a Music, Bodypainting and Fashion event, created to celebrate diversity and creativity.



We pride ourselves in delivering short and feature films as well as unique international and local events.



CHABS is a creative fusion of Bodypainting, Fashion and Music creatively helping to raise Cancer Awareness in rural Africa.

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Cancel Cancer Africa is a UK registered Charity organisation. REG: 1165140. We raise Cancer awareness in rural Africa and the local community.