Raising Cancer Awareness in Africa.

raising cancer awareness

Feb 21st. It’s All About Raising Cancer Awareness in Africa.

As we prepare for the most creative Cancer event ever, let us remember the many lives that are lost each day in rural Africa, dcancel-cancer-Africa-Awarenessue to the lack of health facilities, inadequate health care and no active programs raising cancer awareness in Africa.

Imagine a country with over 20 million people, with no hospital to care for Cancer patients. Imagine communities with no access to diagnose what their symptoms are and may never will.

As we count down to Feb 21st, come and enjoy our first event of 2016 and help us do more for rural Africa. Don’t forget ‘It’s All About Raising Cancer Awareness in Africa‘.

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  • Volunteers share educative materials about Breast cancer.
  • Trained volunteers work along side the local health team, sharing, transfering knowledge.
  • The medical team examines the local women and ask each woman to repeat the Self examination method.
  • We collect information through questionnaires.
  • Short training sessions may be organized.

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Body Painting Picture Credits:
Model: Gracie Williams | Photographer Hasam Bitirim | Artist Angela Youngs

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