Some of the Challenges we face Working in Africa.


Some of the Challenges we face Working in Africa.

Welcome to a new month.

I want to try to explain one of the challenges International charities face while working in African countries. It is my hope that this blog helps to educate and encourage more volunteers working in Africa.

Someone once said, “When God created the world, he took time out to create Africa”. This analogy may sound far-fetched, but when you study deeply why things are so different in Africa, you start to see some reasoning behind the statement.

It is very important to understand that:

  • High percentage of Africa is under developed,
  • The level of poverty is very high.

Combined with a

  • Lack of proper education,
  • High unemployment and
  • Poor policing.

Although it is very hard for foreign investors to enter and remain in this huge market, there seems to be a way to make things work in Africa. Working in Africa needs ‘patience’ for the sake of a better end. To provide a voluntary service like we do, we know that it is going to be a long hard journey.

It is difficult trying to help people who do not have a passion to help themselves. More painful when your enthusiasm and motivation is constantly ‘killed off’ by the pace of those expected to do more for their people. The mentality of me, myself and I, creates an almost impossible platform for growth.

We are challenging ourselves with a huge task this year, by taking things one step at a time and learning quickly as we go along, for we are fortunate to work with some very good people.

Our advise to anyone planning to go work in Africa is:

  1. Be very security conscious all the times.
  2. Ensure that a clear pathway is discussed to measured and
  3. Be patient while learning, as your motivation is very different from theirs.

Thank you for your visiting our SHOP, your donations and prayers. We look forward to doing more over the next few years.

Next is the London CHABSUK event.


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