You just can’t please everybody, those that can’t do just talk.

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You just can’t please everybody, those that can’t do just talk.

I have come to find out that you just can’t please everybody, no matter how hard you try, there is always these set of people who will always see a reason why you should take a different path, so why beat yourself up. There are those who just can’t see what you see or understand what you are trying to do. The more you try to explain to them, the more ammunition you give them to pull you down. I always say that the most important thing in chasing your dream is to make sure you believe in yourself. Once you are confident in what you want to do, the negative things people say to discourage your efforts, should just motivate you to keep trying.

I hear people always say, oh you need to have a backup plan just in case your plans do not work. Well, I don’t have one, my back up plan is to make my plan A work. When you have a back up plan or option B to your dream, it creates a situation where by if you meet a barrier you easily sway to the back up plan, rather than finding a solution to your plan A. In business or in pursuit of your dream, you will face challenges, and these challenges makes you stronger. Do not give weight to the voices of criticism. People that can’t do just talk, and they are very good at talking. Keep trying. Looking forward to meeting you at ChabsUk in September.

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These are a few rules of success to guide you:

  • Get out there and try. You will fall, but keep trying.
  • Accept rejects, but don’t stop because of them. Use them as a motivating factor.
  • Develop yourself in the field you want to excel. Learn, study and do.
  • Give it everything you can give.
  • Be ready before the opportunity comes, be prepared.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.

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