Enough Planning, let’s Start Doing.


Enough planning, Start Doing.

Register NowEnough of planning dear, you’ve hidden your plans for way too long. It is about time to start working on them. How long are you going to keep procrastinating and hoping or waiting for the perfect time to start? The best time to start is now!

Am sure as you are reading this message you are saying to yourself, “this is not the right moment” or “I just need to get one more thing before I can kick off”. Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news for once, there is always never that perfect moment to kick off.

Every idea takes time to build. Every vision takes time to work on. So here are my simple tips to help you get started with that dream you have. You must have read a lot of books or watched a lot of videos on how to achieve your goals, as I did. So here it goes.

Before you forget what you want to do, I advice you write it down. By writing, you don’t have to write a book, just a sentence of what you want to do. Many people spend too much time writing instead of doing. So don’t spend too much time writing, just make a short sentence of what you want to do. For example if you want to start organising events, you may write, ‘ I want to start organising events”, as simple as that.

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Register NowNow you have written your vision, the next thing to do is to give it a starting time, and please do not make it a decade. I always advise that your starting time should be Now! The moment you wrote down that vision on paper you have started. Stop telling yourself that oh, “I will start once I have more time”, it’s just delaying your success.

You have written down your vision, you have given yourself a reasonable kick off time; the next stage is to start getting yourself involved in the field of your interest. If you want to organise events, then go to events to see what and how others do it, watch videos and read magazines. It’s as simple as that. While doing this you start marketing yourself. Start small, it is all-good to aim for the top, but remember, everyone started small.

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Just like that you have started. You will develop while learning and make mistakes. Life is all about learning from your mistakes. You will make some huge mistakes and some small successes while growing. But gradually your success will become more than your mistakes.

So simply put:

  • Write a short sentence of what you want to do.
  • Give yourself a reasonable time to kick off.
  • Start marketing yourself while you ‘doing’.

I wish you all the best in your dream. Please do not spend too much time planning, just start doing. I look forward to seeing you at our ChabsUk event in September.

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