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icon justGivingIn October we leave for rural Kenya to work alongside the health department to help raise Cancer awareness for the local people. We have always been encouraged by the passion and determination of the County government to help its people.

This will be our third visit to the local area and we aim to move one step further than we have ever been. We aim to revisit those people we attended to in 2015.

icon justGivingIf you feel the need to join our trips to Africa in the future, you can register here. Every trip we make is self funded and we aim to use our funds raised to employ more local workers to reach more villages.

We know we have a huge task ahead of us as we face barriers due to the low level of awareness by all the local people. We need your support to help us do more. We will be making a survey trip to Ethiopia to understand how we can help them more.


We work in rural Africa, educating people about the early signs & symptoms of Cancer. Your support helps us reach more people and save more lives. Help us reduce the rate of late presentations.

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