Cancer and A Damaged Heart-What Next ?

breast cancer in africa

Cancer and A Damaged Heart-What Next ?

During our visit to the Netherlands for the CHABSUK photoshoot we met a lovely lady, whom brought her daughter for the shoot. She caught my attention while talking when she said she was diagnosed with Breast cancer and a damaged heart, what next ?

As we continued talking she felt strongly about sharing her story to help educate more women. it was a fantastic testimony and hope as you watch this, it gives you more hope and determination to beat Cancer.

The Aim of our organisation is to Reduce the rate of incidence caused by Cancer in Africa, through population-based screening and early detection programmes about important Cancer warning Signs and Symptoms.

What are the early sympoms of Breast Cancer?

We simply visit rural villages in Africa educating the people about the early Signs and Symptoms of Cancer. Our team of Volunteers is a mixture of medical and non-medical professionals.

Cancer and A Damaged Heart-What Next ?


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