Derek DeCutter Clement: Thank you.

thank you derek

Derek DeCutter: Thank you.

In our own small way, Cancel Cancer Africa say’s a very big thank you Derek DeCutter for your kind support during CHABSUK in February. We look forward to working with you again in September. We highly value your professional service and your contribution towards the success of our charity.

We aim to visit Kenya, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe in Oct due to your kind support. We thank you and pray that the good Lord will continue to increase your selfless efforts and business. Keep growing.


About Derek DeCutter.

The Journey:

From his inception, Derek DeCutter Clement has been committed to the health of black hair and the overall development of the industry. His journey began with an apprenticeship at the renowned salon, SPLINTERS as an assistant to Winston Isaacs, in London’s Mayfair. Soon thereafter, he became Artistic Director, a testament of his dedication and expertise.

The island of Grenada. After owning a string of salons in the UK, Derek DeCutter Clement returned to his birthplace Grenada. In an attempt to utilize the islands natural resources, while there he consulted with many of the Caribbean’s most reputable figures in medicine, education, law and politics, forging long lasting contacts.

A’la Carte treatment:

Derek DeCutter Clement believes freshly brewed organic hair supplements are the answer to this quandary, therefore his specially formulated protein supplements are prepared right there at the salon from a wide selection of plants, oils, vegetables, fruits, herbs and shrubs in what he terms his A’la Carte treatment regimen.

His clients are then treated to nutritious treats to feed hair cells followed by his special tonic for the scalp made from plethors of special selected oils and honey.

The Derek DeCutter Clement product line concept is specially designed to revitalise, restore, repair and hydrate damaged tresses, and replenish the hair back to its original glory. In short Derek DeCutter Clement refers to this as L.E.X.X.I.C


All products are organic such as shea butter, coconut oil, palm oil, hemp oil, castor oil, rosemary oil etc and grown in the soil of Grenada, Africa and other Caribbean islands.

Derek DeCutter Clement also believes in the importance of a healthy body and mind, therefore a well-balanced diet (prepared in the salon by Andy Clement), and relaxation techniques and exercises (by personal trainers Tyrone Clement and Eciva Clement) are also available.

This is outlined in his novels supporting his commitment to a toxin free lifestyle and above all his signature N.I.S.(no iron styling). Haircuts that are definitive dazzling and in demand.

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