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“The most Creative Cancer Awareness Event ever”.

In february 2016 we had a very wonderful time raising Cancer awareness by inviting some of UK’s best creatives to freely release their creativity and make our guests go wild.

It was a success and everyone who attended expressed their love and enjoyment of the event. Enjoy CHABSUK Video One.

We are happy to annouce that:

  • We have successfully invited 30 body painters who shall be representing countries in Africa. Its going to be a fantastic event.
  • We have booked a very interesting venue to feature this event.
  • We shall be calling for interested makeup artists, fashion designers and hair stylists to feature their creations during the event.

We are so excited about this event and we thank everyone for their support and prayers.

Can you spare £3 a month?

Tcan you spare 3 a month 2he biggest killer in Africa, is late presentations of Cancer symptoms by the patients.

So our strategy for the next five years is to keep educating the local people of the early signs and symptoms of Cancer through local radio programs everyday.

  • Your regular gift will help us employ local health workers to make more regular visits to the villages.
  • Your regular gift will help us start a weekly Cancer awareness program on a local radio station, reaching over 3 million people everyday.

Thank you and enjoy CHABSUK Video One.

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