Can you spare £3 a month?

can you spare 3 a month 1

Can you spare £3 a month? Cancel Cancer Africa simply visits rural villages in Africa to educate people about the early Signs and Symptoms of Cancer. Can you spare just £3 a month?

The task ahead of us is huge but we simply refuse to give up. We know how frustrating it is working in Africa. we live through the challenges each day, but we refuse to give up.

The biggest killer, is the late presentation of Cancer symptoms, so our focus is to keep educating the local people of the early signs and symptoms of Cancer.

Cancel Cancer Africa is a UK registered Charity (1165140).

Can you spare £3 a month?

  • Your regular gift will help our local health workers make those regular visits to the villages.
  • Discuss with those whom are worried about any sudden self symptoms developing.
  • Teach more people how to self-examine themselves.
  • Where possible assist in the cost of logistics for patients to go to their central clinics.

You can make a regular donation of £3 or more through standing order/dd please by using our bank details as stated below. Safe and Secure. Thank you.

Cancel Cancer Africa. Natwest Bank: A/C: 72413271. S/Code: 600911.


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