chabszim cancer in africa


We are very pleased to announce CHABS ZIMBABWE.

We Feel hounoured to be part of this great cause because having witnessed first hand the effects of Cancer on our people in Africa , we strongly feel that the first step towards helping to Cancel Cancer in Zimbabwe is to raise awareness.

This will enable our people to then seek medical attention at the earliest opportunity.

This is a noble cause that must be spread. I have since realised that a considerable number of our people lose their lives because they are not aware of the early signs and symptoms of Cancer, particularly in the rural areas.

They are misdiagnosed by traditional doctors and eventually they succumb to late presentations which might be preventable.


Cancel Cancer Africa aims to educate and inform people about the early signs and symptoms of Cervical, Prostate and Breast Cancer, the three most common killers in Africa.

Even in the urban areas, many people are uneducated about the disease and liken it tThis is from my heart to you, Karen Messam.o HIV thereby stigmatising those who have been affected.

It is our aim to raise Cancer awareness in Zimbabwe, support and encourage early treatment as well as eradicating stigmatisation of those affected.

You can find out more about our visit to Zimbabwe at

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