Now registering BodyPainting Models.

now registering models for chabsuk cancer in africa

BodyPainting ModelsĀ 

We are now registering BodyPainting Models for CHABSUK. We are about to make history as over 30 of UK’s best bodypainters will be coming together to paint for Cancer awareness in Africa. Limited spaces available so register now. apply here for chabsuk

Although registration is planned to end April 28th we reserve the right to close registration early, if we feel we have reach the number of models required for this event.

We say a very big “Thank you” to all the body painters that registered for the Cancer Awareness CHABSUK event in September 2016. “Thank you bodypainters“. We had a successful event in February and are excited to make September bigger and better.

With over thirty (30) of UK’s best bodypainters representing a country in Africa, we all shall be making history.

This is from my heart to you, Karen Messam.

Never before has what we are about to do been done anywhere in the world. We will be dedicating each creatives bodypaint to the people dying from Cancer in Africa” Ronnie Jacobs.

Registered Artists: (

Bobbi Bicker | Karen Harvey | Sally Rose | Asha Lal | Sarah Smith | Tina Smith | Elissa Barrett | Suzanna Forrister-Beer Mua | Liz Bylett | Charlotte Gardner | Shelley Gray | Shelley LaFleur | Jo Cook | Katie Du’Mont | Nicky Gardner & Debz Mills | Stacey Phillips | Mandi Gabler | Shelley LaFluer | Teresa Fox | Clare Jeffery | Helen Miles | Sarah Patterson | Svitlana Harris | Jennifer Parker | Sophia Ghory | Pierangela Manzetti | Elizabeth Fox | Svitlana Harris |


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