Day 7: Community Health Building

Day 7: Community Health Construction

Day 7: Thank God all went well and safe yesterday. The lintel is all set. left to dry till Thursday. Some of the videos below are the finished work. Workers are currently on-site setting up extra pillars and moulding blocks. Please we need your kind donations to help us compare this roofing phase. ‘Together, we are making a huge difference’.
Ronnie Jacobs message of the day. Do not be quick-tempered: We attract what we are.
Over time you have come to affirm that anger is part of your character and that everyone needs to take you as you are. You get offended over things that are not important, furthermore, you find a way of explaining your actions. You see yourself jumping from one friendship to another, damaging yourself as you do so. The problem is that, once you say something in annoyance, it breaks the subject, one word at a time.
I am not going to tell you how to overcome anger, but what worked for me, was the ability to see things with ‘four fingers pointing back at me. If you want to change the world, you must change yourself first. If you continue to live in hatred, you will attract things that will keep annoying you. Try substituting anger with love. Try absorbing yourself in loving yourself. Once you can love yourself, you then find it easier to love others. You can only give what you have.
In your anger, please do not respond. We have a lot of stabbings and killings because of anger. Relationships break up due to tempers rising, leading to physical altercations. Business relationships break up due to parties not talking things through. To build a life of peace, we all must first fall in love with ourselves. Fill your heart with love and giving. Life is full of ups and downs, but choose to love and see how love will surround you. Do not be quick-tempered: We attract what we are.
Kindly, support us by buying a brick for just £20 this December to help us finish phase six. To make a kind donation please go to or click the link below.
Save these 2022 events dates: Chabs London March 12th | Chabs Dubai May 31st – June 1st | Chabs London October 22nd | Chabs Milan (tbc) | End of Year Dinner Dance Dec 10th.


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