Stop making excuses, get up and go.

It is never too late to start again. I wake up early, work all day and night without getting tired. Sometimes, I find myself working myself sick, just because of the passion and satisfaction of touching my dream. I have learnt to be patient over the years, as I now take baby steps each hour and each day. My time has become more valuable because my dream has become more clearer.

It is very easy to find reasons not to chase your purpose. It may be that you have put aside that dream of yours because of challenging situations or developments, however, you can kick start it again. It is never too late to start again.

What is your excuse? Maybe you tried it a long time ago and it just did not work, maybe someone told you you were just not good enough or maybe you had health or financial challenges. My dear brothers and sisters, excuses are events, they always come and unless you move them on, they will seat next to you until your last breath.

Wake up every day with a baby step mentality. Small steps, small wins. Find someone with a like mind mentality and push each other. Together, there is nothing that we can not achieve.

“Thank you for supporting Cancel Cancer Africa and never give up on your dreams.” Ronnie Jacobs

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