Getting Ready for ChabsUK London 2018

Getting Ready for ChabsUK London 2018

ChabsUK is a fusion of creative body painting and Fashion designs with bold expressions. The event explores the freedom and creativity of the Artists and Designers. This year they will all be using the theme, ‘Fabrics of Africa’ to help raise Cancer Awareness in rural Africa.

Volunteering BodyPainters are:
#MatteoArfanotti & #FrancescaCalamita | #ElissaBarrett#JoanneLucasStone | #AyeshaSheriffWeekes | #KarenWhyte |.

Volunteering Fashion Designers are:
#DGVStyles | #JayBanks | #BeUniqueBeYou | #EIMEE | #MayRobinson | Sandyz Boutique |

Cancel Cancer Africa is a UK registered charity working to reduce the rate of Mortality and Morbidity caused by Cancer in rural Africa. Our charity currently operates within two rural African countries, Kenya and Nigeria.

Ticket Donation:£20 at

Your ticket donation and attendance enables us to continue our work in rural Africa. We thank you in anticipation and look forward to seeing you at #ChabsUK.

We also, highly thank the Body painters, Fashion designers, Beauty team and Volunteers for giving up their valuable time, to help raise funds for the charity.

Thank you so much.
Love always,
Ronnie Jacobs.

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