ChabsKids – The Amazing story of how I lost my Father

ChabsKids – The Amazing story of how I lost my Father.

During the ChabsKids fashion show, I was very emotional while speaking to the audience about the way I lost my father. For so many weeks he refused to tell me what was wrong with him. At the Children’s fashion show, it was an opportunity for me to talk to a sell out audience on the dangers of not speaking out about the early signs of prostate cancer. Being diagnosed with Cancer in Africa is seen as a cause, especially if you are the head of the family. For a man to come out and say that he has prostate cancer is made to look so shameful that most men are afraid to go see a doctor. This is further compounded with the fact that they most probably do not know the early signs and symptoms.

This video was recorded at the Cancel Cancer Africa UK charity event CHABSKIDS, a children fashion show that give kids the opportunity to pursue their talent. It was a huge pleasure to put this together as well as make their dreams come true. We look forward to the next event in June, (Kids Fashion Festival).

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