What are the people around you, doing to you?

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What are your relationships doing to you?

buyyourticketIf you do not control your dream, the people you surround yourself with will. You need to ask yourself, who are the people around you. Are they speaking well of your dream or telling you it’s impossible. What are your relationships doing to you? Did you know that, you adjust to the pace of those around you or they adjust to yours.

What influence do your friends have on you. If you are the smartest person in your group, to grow you need to find a new group where you will learn new things. Some people are so negative, that they never see anything good in whatever you do. Never stop growing, because we only die when our dreams die, invest in yourself. We keep telling the people we talk to each day, to place the utmost value in their lives.

Ladies, go get your breast checked. Enjoy the fullness of live. Fear can only hold you if you allow it. You can rise above it. When things seem to be going wrong, do not go with it. It’s just an event.

Men go for your Prostate checks regularly. Live the best you can be. Life is full of curve balls. It hits you in many ways, but we all have comeback power. We stand and fight, stand and push back. Do not give up.

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