You can’t please everyone, all the time.

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You can’t please everyone, all the time?

Stop trying to please everyone all the time. Life taught me a very big lesson a few years back. For years I tried so hard to please everyone all the time. It became second nature to me, that I even forgot how to please myself. I got myself so deep into what people thought about me and shaped my life around people’s opinions. Wao, what a lesson I learnt.

The more I tried to please everyone the more I lost my identity. I noticed that people were coming into my life to use me and then leave once they had what they wanted. I just could not figure out what was wrong, until I realised that, I was cheating myself. The key thing which life taught me was that, I needed to find myself and do what I love.

When I found my identity, I realised that, it really didn’t matter about what people said about me and I stopped living my live around pleasing people, but rather, doing good and chasing my dream because it was the right way to live.

Please my dear brothers and sisters, the truth is, until your find your dream and do what you love doing, you will keep trying to be someone you are not, and every little comment would drive you mental. I know the feeling. Find your dream and fall in love with it day after day. Live it and it will become who you are. You will find that people will begin to understand you better because you have an identity and you stand for something good, and you will stop livong your life around people’s opinions.

As long as you are doing good and helping as much people as you can. Be confident and love your dream. Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you at our events. ChabsUK Sept 17th.

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