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We have added more spice to an already spiced event. We introduce the ‘Adanta African Dance’ group. Be ready for a mind-blowing evening, get ready for a night filled with energy. The ADANTA African Dance and Theatre group consist of Dancers, Drummers and Acrobats and will be performing their energetic routine at the ChabsUK event.

ADANTA exists to explore and express an idea through dance, which reflects its African roots, society and way of life.

The award-winning ADANTA group is a cultural organisation dedicated to the preservation, education, and appreciation of traditional African music, dance, theatre, and culture. Their creative work is aimed specifically at enabling the audience to experience the Beauty and Energy that African dance generates.

It’s philosophy is to create innovative work by using sources rooted in traditional African culture and to communicate the diversity of dance vocabulary within the continent to its wide range of audiences.

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