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buyyourticketWe are inviting you to attend the most creative 1 day Beauty workshop in London, during London Fashion week for Just £19.99.

After a classroom session, you will have the chance to see creatives work behind the stage as they prepare for a main event.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to Paint Faces or be a Body Painting artist? What if you had the opportunity to attend a workshop with more than 30 of the UK’s best artists for less the £20?

On September 17th from 9.30am – 2.30 pm we shall be opening our doors early for those who have registered to attend the five hours beauty workshop.

buyyourticketPacked in this workshop are introductory sessions presented by London’s top Body Painters, Hair Stylists, Makeup artist and Fashion designers. All funds raised will go towards helping us create Cancer awareness in rural Africa.

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Some of the key learnings from the workshop are:

buyyourticketBody Painting: The world of body paint has rapidly grown in the UK- now seen in music video’s, advertising campaigns and on social media. In this workshop you will be introduced to this exciting expressive art form.

Key areas to cover are:

  • Face Painting
  • Body Painting
  • Glitter body art and decoration
  • Air Brush technique.

buyyourticketHair Styling
: Our hair styling workshop is open to complete beginners, its aim is to introduce you to possible techniques for bridal, Fashion or day to day hair styles.

Some key areas are:

  • Barbering
  • Long hair and Short hair Bridal.
  • Weave on and
  • Creative crazy styling.



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buyyourticketMakeup: This workshop gives you application introductions for light day make up, evening make up and special occasion make up

Some key topics like:

  • Define Brows.
  • Eyebrow extension.
  • Nails Polishing and manicure.
  • Facial makeup.

buyyourticketFashion designing for beginners: A collection may be any number of different garments, from a few exclusive pieces with different design elements to a large selection of varied styles.

This introductory workshop will include:

  • Building a collection,
  • Conception and  to
  • Design and
  • Presentation.

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