CHABSUK Photoshoot. Get ready for Feb 21st.




We are super excited to share with all the final look from our amazing collaboration Bodypainting piece for Cancel Cancer Africa during the chabsuk photoshoot.

Thanks to all the bodypainters involved that helped to bring the concept to life, everyone did a brilliant job by creating the Map of Africa on 5 beautiful models, incorporating the gorgeous designs and vibrant colours of Africa.

Thanks to the head of CCA Ronnie Jacobs for organizing the pre-launch and all the other artists involved, all the photographers and videographers and we look forward to seeing you all on the main event 21st February. #CHABSUK

Bodypainters: Bobbi Bicker, Victoria Gugenheimheim, Angela Youngs, Elissa Barrett, Suzanna Forrister-Beer Mua, Asha Lal Models: Verity Millett, Synita Morgan-Gayle, Wiktoria Salajczyk, Phyll McPhyll, Darya Nepryakhina

Written by Bobbi Bicker.

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