Cancer Symptoms African women tend to ignore.

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The Top 5 Cancer Symptoms African women tend to ignore.

Here is our list of the Top 5 Cancer symptoms African women tend to ignore. If you notice any of these symptoms, please do not panic, it is important you go see your doctor so it can be investigated. Having any off these highlighted Cancer symptoms does not mean you have Cancer.

So here we go!

1, Any abnormal swelling.

Some women are aware that an abnormal breast swelling is something they should see their doctor about, but a constant swelling or lump anywhere else of the body should also be taken seriously. “The symptom may not be Cancer, but better safe than sorry” Dr. Iyayi.

2, Odd breast changes.

If we are talking about breast changes, don’t just only go see your doctor if it’s a Lump. But be conscious if the breast feels differently, if there is a change in the size, if it the shape changes. Try to engage your partner to feel for any small changes.

3, Moles changes.

Moles are small brownish growths on your skin. Most of them do not cause harm, but the ones that keep changing either its colour, shape or size each month or weeks must not be ignored. Understand your skin. Ask your partner to check areas you can’t see, so that any little cancer symptom can be identified early.

4, Persistent Sores.

Normally when we cut ourselves the body repairs the wound within a few weeks. So when you have a sore that would not heal, it must be reported to your doctor. Even if it does not hurt, make sure you get it checked out.

5, Prolonged mouth ulcer.

Normally mouth ulcers heal after two or three weeks. When a mouth ulcers last longer than three weeks, you must go see your doctor.

buyyourticketOur UK Charity, Cancel Cancer Africa continues to identify many Cancer symptoms during our Cancer awareness programs in Africa (Video) and it hurts to know that most of these cancer symptoms are ignored due to low cancer awareness.

Please take these cancer symptoms very seriously and go see your doctor as soon as you notice any small changes in your body.Hope our Top 5 Signs and Symptoms of Cancer African women tend to ignore encourages you to go see your doctor. Please feel free to share this Top 5 to your friends.

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