Appeal for Unwanted/Unused Medical Equipment and office Facilities

We are appealing for unwanted/unused Medical equipment and office facilities for the medical centre we are building in rural Africa. 98% of women and men with late diagnosis of cancer symptoms do not survive in rural Africa, due to unavailable funds for treatment/care, inadequate diagnosis/treatment centres and a general lack of awareness. Consequently, Cancel Cancer […]

Ejemai Kidney Transplant Appeal Fund.

In 2016, Ejemai, had a kidney transplant in India. Unfortunately, his body rejected the new Kidneys. Ejemai has spent the last four years suffering and has completely depleted his entire career savings due to his body rejecting the kidneys from the initial Kidney operation and subsequent dialysis (three times a week), just to stay alive […]

Join us welcome Cockney Rebel Photography 

Join us welcome Cockney Rebel Photography to the team of photographers volunteering to help us make the #Grafitti photoshoot a success. Thank you LG Tracey Monika Schaible Aileen Pauco and Kevin Mark Benjamin. Kindly note that this shoot is only for Chabs registered models. To register please inbox Ronnie Jacobs or visit Never let anyone stop you from living your dream. We are looking forward to our […]

Ishaque Baki as Ronnie knows it

This is the story of a young man Ishaque Baki as Ronnie knows it. In September 2018, Ishague walked the runway for the first time at one of Cancel Cancer Africa fundraising fashion shows in Edinburgh, Scotland. Since then he has featured in many local and international fashion shows. In 2020 he landed a leading […]

For months COVID has changed the way we live.

For months COVID has changed the way we live, hindered our charity work in Africa, furthermore, it’s looking at doing this for a few months more. However, as the government continues to ease the restrictions, we must continue to find safe and innovative ways to breathe again. CHABS is doing just that. With proper consultations […]

Join us welcome Malia Villanelle.

Event update: Join us welcome another dreaming designer to the #Chabs family #MaliaVillanelle. Have you registered for ChabsUK London ? “In life, you must fight hard to chase your dreams. So many obstacles and negativity, but choose love and never give up” Ronnie Jacobs Get ready for our #Graffiti adults and kids #photoshoot Aug 16th (For #registered models only). A big thank you to Ethnicroyals, Dis is me Couture, Rascals […]

Next is our Graffiti Photoshoot, Sunday, August 16th

Event Update: Next is our Graffitti Photoshoot, Sunday, August 16th., leading up to our most innovative Chabs event ever, #October 17th, ChabsUK London. We had a great time at the #Chabs #photoshoot yesterday, but that’s just the beginning. Now, get ready for our #Graffiti adults and kids #photoshoot AUG 16th (For registered models only). A big thank you to Ethnicroyals, Dis is me Couture, Rascals clothing, Siblingz Fashion for Your Swag Apparel Dgv Styles and CCA […]

Countdown to Chabskids photoshoot, Sunday, July 12th

Countdown to Chabskids photoshoot, Sunday, July 12th. For years we have been learning and improving our events to help fund the Cancel Cancer Africa charity projects in rural Africa. Once again, we are preparing for a showdown event. A combination of ChabsUK and Chabskids. This is going to be our most innovative show. Get ready to exhale. live your dream […]

Countdown to Chabskids Photoshoot July 12th.

Countdown to Chabskids photoshoot July 12th. “When you believe in your dream, you ignore the distractions”. Ronnie Jacobs We are very excited as we build up towards our most innovative #ChabsKids event ever. Thanks to Violet Butler as well as Monika Schaible, representing #Bomerange Global magazine. Chabskids is a Cancel Cancer Africa event. Helping to raise funds towards building a free medical centre in rural Africa. Join the […]

When you shop on Amazon, we can get a donation?

Did you know that when you shop on Amazon, they give us a donation? This is a great way to give to Cancel Cancer Africa UK when you shop. And it doesn’t cost you anything. When shopping, use Amazon Smile, you still get to browse all the selections of products within your account. The difference is […]