London Kids Film Festival International

London Kids Film Festival International

The beginning of a new dream. This weekend sees our first London Kids Film Festival International. We are looking forward to visiting many other countries in 2020 to encourage and help build the talents and grow the self-confidence of our kids. It is going to be a busy 2020, so come along with the #CCA family as we #dare2dream.

Remember: #twcaa “Together we can achieve anything”. Lets Cancel Cancer in Africa together #cca

The best way to learn about the the film industry is to be in a film. Our film festivals are fun and educative. We believe that everyone must be giving the opportunity to follow their dreams. As we carry out our film festival around the world, KFFI creates a collaborative platform to feature our programs on both local and international platforms.

Thank you so much to Tony MacDonald John Perivolaris and Kabat Esosa Egbon for your love and support always.
Ronnie Jacobs

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