Taking a giant step

Taking a Giant Step.

In April 2017, we successfully registered Lift Above Cancer (LAC), a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Nigeria. This is a huge mile stone towards our work in the rural communities. Taking a giant step

The vision of LAC is to reduce the rate of mortality and morbidity caused by Cancer in Nigeria. This is a giant step towards our long term plans in Africa. With a registered charity in Nigeria we can now access and form partnerships with local health centres and hospitals.

The advantages of working as a registered charity in Africa communities are numerous. We can

  • Approach the local government and draft out memorandum of understandings for long terms relationships.
  • We can employ staffs and pay them in line with the legal tax framework.
  • We can access local grants if available from international organisations.
  • We can operate legally as an organisation without hindrances and community challenges.
  • We can grow our vision.

Our Short Term Plan.

We have been working in Nigeria voluntary, but now we are part of the system. Our immediate plan is to:

  • Provide door to door examinations and health checks to catch the symptoms early.
  • Register as much people that we can to develop a monthly check up plan.
  • Develop a relationship with a registered screening centre.

Our Long term Plan.

We believe that LAC will be a model for us to learn best practices and the legal frameworks required to operate charities in Africa. Our long term goals are:

  • To build a fully functioning community health centre that will provide Ultrasound, General health checks and blood tests for the local people.
  • To operate a community radio station focuses on health education to help develop the capacities’ of the local.
  • To use this platform as an example to setup other centre in other rural communities in Kenya and Ethiopia.

We are very excited about the progress we are making in Africa. In our 1st week the temporal health centre, we attended to seventeen (17) people. Having visited the elders in the community, we are starting to gain the trust of the people and we believe that the more free services we can offer the more we will be able to convince those in hiding to come out for help.

There is a lot we need to do more in Africa, but we are taking it one step at a time. Please feel from to make a kind donation towards our work in Africa.


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