Power of 10

power of 10

The Power of 10.

The power of 10 is a group of passionate individuals who work hard behind the scene for the success of all our events. As a member you will be allowed free access to both the back stage and all our events. If you would like to attend any rehearsals, event or workshops, you will be free to attend to gain more experience.
The role of each member is simply to engage 10 people in all our activities. Invite them to the event and be their host. You will be encouraged to play an active role, only if you want to. You will also have the opportunity to volunteer for any of our Cancer awareness programs or events holding in Africa.

To become a member just fill in the form below or email info@cancelcancerafrica.org and we will be happy to contact you.

Thank you for supporting cancel cancer Africa.

Best regards,

Ronnie Jacobs.

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