Chereena Miller, getting ready to rock ChabsUK

Chereena Miller, getting ready to rock ChabsUK.

buy chabsuk tickets hereChereena Miller will be anchoring the TV interviews and red carpet at ChabsUK. We are very excited to have such a talented and bubbly Ambassador supporting our Charities vision. Get ready for a mind blowing event on the 17th of September. We have packed so much into ChabsUK for your pleasure. Make sure you book your tickets now, or you can get your £15 tickets at the door.

chereena miller

Biography of Chereena Miller.

Chereena Miller is a young and immensely talented entrepreneur. She is also a community activist, self-love confidence expert, a Philanthropist, and an award-winning singer and model. Born in the United Kingdom, with strong Afro-Caribbean roots, Chereena went to school in both the United Kingdom and Jamaica, achieving top grades at all stages of formal education. Chereena has always been talented, but after experiencing adversity, she quickly crystallized her focus for sustainable growth, and now excels in every aspect of her life on a consistent basis, in the process using her natural gifts to bless others for the greater good.

What Chereena is passionate about.

Chereena passionately campaigns for humanity, especially in the realm of cancer awareness, and seeking continuous improvement in the lives of young people, and those from a disadvantaged background. She has been able to achieve this by working assiduously to improve her own businesses where, in motivating and positively influencing others with sound expert advice, she has succeeded in enabling others to achieve their own desired levels of success. She is currently the Global Ambassador For Positive Runway Model, Stop the Spread of HIV. She is also The face of Karen Messam cosmetics brand. CHABS UK Brand Ambassador.

Chereena is passionate about helping others and finds solace in supporting charities, such Children In Need, World Vision, Save a Child to name a few. Working in Television and Film, Chereena continues to be a veritable pioneer in the entertainment industry, and her other business ventures with her unwavering focus by being an authentic leader and an inspiration to young people all around the world.

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