A touch of Africa by Sistarmama

A Touch of Africa by Sistarmama


buy chabsuk tickets hereCome try your hands on making Sistarmama’s head wrap. You think you’re brave, then come on stage and have a go!

Sistarmama is a creative and trained fashion designer, whom has been making clothes and footwear for decades. With a unique style, Sistarmama customizes clothes and works in mixed fabrics. Recycling her beloved African head wraps have become her trademark style which she wears daily.

You can get involved in her workshops, or book a personal appointment by emailing fukkfashion8@gmail.com.

ChabsUK is a Creative Beauty and Body painting event, helping to raise Cancer Awareness in rural Africa, featuring top professionals in the industry, coming together to create wild and mind blowing displays.

The event features live Dance groups, Comedy and Musical Performances. Tagged as “Probably the most creative Cancer awareness event ever”, ChabsUK is ready to deliver creativity.

Main Event:
Date: Sept 17th, 2016
Time: 7.00pm – 10.30pm
After Party: 10.30pm – Late
Venue: Harris Academy, 55 Southwark Park road, Bermondsey. London. SE16 3RT.

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