Why Do African Men Suffer Prostate Cancer More?

Why Do African Men Suffer Prostate Cancer More?

For decades, African men have had the highest Prostate Cancer incidence rate of any racial ethnic group in the world. their rate is two-thirds higher than whites and more than twice as high as rates for Asian. Data on Cancer rates in Africa are sparse, allowing little or no comparison between Africans and African-Americans. It is for these reason Africans in diaspora and at home need to take Prostate Cancer seriously.

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Researchers have yet to find a definitive reason for these lopsided incidence rates. But data suggest that diet, genes, and hormones all play a part. Migrant studies, particularly of Asians, show that Prostate Cancer risk increases when people migrate to the developed countries, just as it does for many other cancers. These findings are the strongest to date showing that an environmental factor is involved in the development of prostate cancer.

For more detailed report on this finding, please go to the National Cancer Institute.

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