Stop putting yourself down, because of past Mistakes.

Who is counting your Mistakes?

Who is always reminding you of your mistakes? No matter how hard you try, it is the mistakes that you make that they notice. Did you know that after a while, you will start believing the mistakes more than the attempts you have made to reaching your dreams? Listen to me dear friend; no one ever succeeds in anything without making many mistakes and falls, don’t give up. You may have made lots of mistakes and will continue to make more every day, but one thing for sure is that, do not stop pushing for my dream. Its what keeps you alive.

I have a dream that one-day people in rural Africa will have enough information to help them fight Cancer back. Fight for your dream.

buyyourticketWe are just nine weeks away from taking the biggest tour of Africa that we have ever made, covering three countries in 4 weeks, it is going to be a huge challenge but am confident that at the end of it all, a huge step would have been taking towards our dream.

It is a rough road that only you need to walk and it gets better.

Your support and prayers enables us to do this. We are working hard to ensure our Cancer awareness event in September is a success and look forward to seeing you there. Once again, do not give up on your dreams.

asha 2

We thank Asha Lal for this wonderful painting and model Natasha Porter, themed ‘Strenght in Numbers‘, and we look forward to seeing you all at the ChabsUK event in September. You can get your tickets here.

“ASHA’s Art & Soul came about after a search for a practical creative outlet to literally feed an artistic soul while raising a family.

I discovered Body Painting and after great encouragement from fellow artists and family I was glad I took the plunge; it has been bliss. Body painting as an art form lets your imagination be expressive without barriers, it is liberating.

I have only just begun to explore my own personal style. ASHA’s Art & Soul’s venture has only just started. Come along and be inspired.”

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