Stop telling me ‘I Can’t do It’

stop telling me i ant do it

Stop Telling me ‘I Can’t do It’

tickets now 1outI felt like writing a short note to get you thinking a bit today. Who is always reminding you of your mistakes? No matter how hard you try, they always notice your small mistakes and place so much emphasis on them. Every time you do any thing right, it is not noticed, but the minute you take a wrong turn, you are reminded of all the areas of your life where you have failed. Show me someone who does not make mistakes and I will show you a failure.

Do not get me wrong, am not saying that you should not correct people when they make a mistake or take a wrong turn. Am not saying that if you see your friend or partner taking a turn you feel its leading no where, you should not jump in. There is a time and season fro everything, we must spend 80% of our feedback on the positives and 20% of improvements. I hate it when people dwell on the negatives, because it makes them feel better.

ethiopiaListen reader no one ever succeeds in anything without making mistakes and failures. I have made a lot of mistakes and make more each day, but one thing for sure is that, I am not going to stop pushing for my dream. Do not stop chasing your dream because others feel it is not the right time. And most of all do not spend most of your time around people who always pull you down. Its hard but you need to surround yourself with like minded positive go getters.

I wish you a great week ahead, renew your mind and your self confidence. The negative words you have been hearing has had a huge impact in your life, but you can turn it around for your good. It is about taking one day at a time. One small step of remembering any success you have made in life and surround your self with those thoughts. You have made it this far means you have a lot more to do in life. Never allow others determine your dream.

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