What the heck are we going to do in Amsterdam?

“What the heck are we going to do in Amsterdam?”12321146_10203699742813987_8420534356803090501_n

I have heard a lot of stories about Amsterdam, some good and some very good, but am yet to make up my mind on what to do in Amsterdam!! Hmmm.

Trying to do something new or different is one of the hardest things to get the mind to drive towards. Our minds have long been programmed to think in a certain way and doing otherwise is hard. But I have come to notice that when you think outside that circle or box you make more progress. Do not get me wrong, it is ok to follow the ‘status quo’, but to get ahead you need to break away from the norm.

How do we get to break that norm? Do we abandone everything and start afresh or just wake up and start a new day differently?

Well, I think everything is about taking one small step at a time. My way of ‘daring to dream’ and working against the tide is planning ‘long term’ and working each baby steps day after day. Once you have made up your mind on what needs doing, just go for it, because, everyday you wait and think on it, the world would gradually give you a thousand reasons why it wont not work.

What has this got to do with Amsterdam you may be asking?

Well we are going for our first break through Cancer awareness event in the Netherlands in April. We are moving against the tide to organise, what is now known as “probably the most creative cancer awareness event in the world“. We are daring to be diffent and knowing Netherlands for their wild nature, we are wondering, ‘what do we do in Amsterdam to beat this high expectations”.

We are happy to be working with some wonderful people like Yaramin Dala, Darshani Knodabaks, Eldridge Mullenhof, Gautam Chamman, Samaa Roseboom, Naela Khan-Noorani, Lubna Hanif, Adi Hashmi.

See some of the exciting videos of what we have been up to and am sure you will join us in our fight to raise Cancer awareness in rural Africa. If you would love to volunteer in any area to help us do somehtng different in Amsterdam or in Africa please email here at info@cancelcancerafrica.org.

Get excited about 2016 as its full of new horizons. “Dare to Dream” and see what happens.

Thank you for reading and please do take your time to go through our pictures and videos by clicking here.

Best regards,
Ronnie J.

Founder Cancel Cancer Africa

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