This is what it looks like to beat cancer.

2183832This is what it looks like to beat cancer. Seven (7) rounds of chemotherapy double mastectomy twenty two (22) lymph nodes removed and twenty five (25) rounds of radiation completed!!!

It took  Mindy Mitchel 336 days to fight breast Cancer. “I feel blessed to be able to show this picture to the world and show everyone Cancer is something you can do its not your death ticket but truly a change in your life!!! God has comforted me through this all and my relationship with him has never been stronger. He took me deeper than my feet could ever wander in the presence of our savior”

Share asked for this photo and her comments to be shared sonGod can get the glory as well as help others know to trust in him and his plan.

As CCA continues to educate the people in Africa about Cancer and what to do and not do. I was really touched by this post this morning. I love her faith in God but most of all, she has demonstrated how to use faith to fight Cancer. “First you go get treatment and then you pray“. Not the other way round.

The deceptive teachings by many religious leaders in Africa to people who have been diagnosed with Cancer to ignore medical treatment and come live in their centre for prayers and all is killing more people each day, and enriching the centres.

So once again, thank you Mindy for this inspiration and blessing and we pray that you continue to beat this scorge and give hope to many each day.

Ronnie Jacobs,
Founder: Cancel Cancel Africa.

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