Love is the biggest gift you can give anyone

Love is the biggest gift you can give anyone:

Chabs July 17th Photoshoot registration link is now open. Adults and Kids. Venue Covent Gardens London. Time 3pm. This photoshoot is open to Chabs models who support Cancel Cancer Africa charity events. Please register online to help us manage numbers. Registration is free.…/
Message from Ronnie Jacobs
#Justdream. For how long are you going to be waiting for that perfect moment to live your life? When is it going to be the right time to take that step to be who you want to be? The best time to start is now. There are always going to be millions of reasons why you can’t start, but if you can paint the picture of what you want, time becomes your friend.
Dreams need action, however, small dreams are a waste of everyone’s time. Make your dreams big and chip away at them one small step at a time. I live a life where each day is filled with love and passion for the bigger picture. I overcome pain and disappointments by looking at where I am heading. Let’s come together and support one another.
Love is the biggest gift you can give anyone. When your heart is full of love, you get love in return. When you fill your life with gossip, you get the same in return. This year is our year of defining our dreams, so we all can run the race together.
138 days #ChabsLondon.
Together, there is nothing that we can not achieve.
God bless us all.
Image credit.
Photographer @ClarenceGabriel
Models @aniatomei, Lynette Medina, Ronnie Jacobs
Event #PaciAfrica organised by Janet Laca and Toh Beranamo
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