Dee Max: Celebrity Host for Glasgow Kids Fashion Festival 2019

Dee Max: Celebrity Host for Glasgow Kids Fashion Festival 2019.


Fantastic New!!! DEE MAX would be hosting the Glasgow: Kids Fashion Festival Int Kids Fashion Festival Int. She is Scotland’s foremost upcoming comedienne! get your tickets now at

Dee is Scotland’s foremost exciting, crazy and adventurous female Scottish Comedian with nothing but confidence!

Inspired by Billy Connolly for his “Say it as it is – “plain working-class speaking – and the way he talks about his own life in his acts.

Whilst growing up, Dee started taking inspiration from Scotland’s very own Kevin Bridges and like her Glasgow counterparts –
Kevin Bridges and Billy Connolly before her – Our Dee also hails – from a Scottish, working-class council estate North Ayrshire’s Kilbirnie

DEE MAX wants change & now she’s ready to take on the world!!
This includes her views on supporting Cancelling Cancer – as she herself has suffered tragic loss of family and friends through this vile disease)
DEE is delighted to offer her support – to help raise funds to cancel cancer!

DEE may tell tales of her TOUGH childhood – and TOUGH on the- outside – but like all our best treats – Our DEE is a BIG SOFTY with a HEART OF PURE GOLD IN THE INSIDE!!

Help Dee Maxell Raise Funds To Help Cancel Cancer in Africa NOW!!



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