CHABSUK Registration is now Open

CHABSUK Registration is now Open.

ChabsUK is the flagship Charity event of Cancel Cancer Africa. Each year we consolidate all our Creative Fashion Designers, Passionate Models, Gifted Performers and Beautiful Pageants to deliver our Greatest Charity show of the year.

Body painting: Get ready for our most talked about event. Come and see some of the worlds most creative Body painters as they showcase various designs using the Theme ‘African Prints’. Body painters registration here

Fashion: The Fashion designers will be pushing themselves to Create mind blowing outfits using the them ‘Freedom’. A day to express yourself and just let yourself be free. Fashion registration here

Pageantry: Who will be crowned the Cancel Cancer Africa finalist. Various categories to enter from Kids to over 50’s all welcomed. This is a new addition to the already packed concept, but we just like to make it better and better. Pageants registration here.

Runway: We pride ourselves in giving everyone the opportunity to live their dream. Come wittiness the birth of new talents a mixed with the top Pros in the business. From 6 year old to over 50’s all combine to produce an explosive night. Models registration here.

All these packed activities are to help continue with their work in rural Africa. Helping to raise cancer awareness and keep providing free heath services to the rural people.

ChabsUK is a Cancel Cancer Africa charity event. Our events helps us raise funds to enable us continue our work in rural Africa.

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