7 days voluntary work in rural Nigeria, Easter 2018.

Come travel with us, for a 7 days voluntary work in rural Nigeria, Easter 2018.

The Easter season is always a season of giving. A group of volunteers will be travelling from the UK for seven days to help save more lives in rural Nigeria during a planned medical outreach. We need volunteers, we need you.

The program kicks off with a five-days door to door visitation, alongside our trained nurses, medical and non medical volunteers helping to conduct general checks, cancer sensitization and sharing of educative materials, the a day of meetings and serminars. The final day ends with a community open day event in collaboration with other local NGO’s.

watch-our-videosLet us give time to helping others. We have chosen the Easter period because, most people are at home and institutions on holidays. Our program is targeted to reach one thousand (1000) people.

Volunteer with us, let’s make that difference and save lives. It’s Easter time, give your time.

Email info@cancelcancerafrica.org




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