18 days to ChabsUK

18 days to chabsuk

buy chabsuk tickets hereTwice a year we celebrate in London with a combination of Fashion and Body painting to help raise Cancer awareness in Africa. ChabsUK, which means “Creative Health and Beauty” show is simply a packed event that leaves you excited and looking forward to the next. Every time we come together, it is like a union of families and friends coming to help make a difference.

ChabsUK features fashion designers and UK’s best body painters and for the extras, it brings together dance, live music, and comedy.

By getting your ticket for this event, you will be helping us:

  • Build a free Community Health Centre where people can come for free advise and screening.
  • Employ more local health Nurses.

Come enjoy the display of Fashion, Dance, Live musical performances, and creative body painting from UK’s bests.

To book your tickets, kindly 

  • Date: Saturday, March 11th , 2017.
  • Doors open for drinks: 7.00pm.
  • Event Starts 7.30 – 9.30 pm.
  • Venue: Hoxton Arches,
    • Cremer Street, Hoxton Overground Station,
    • London. E2 8HD London, United Kingdom.
    • 1 minute walk from the station.


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