Only surround yourself with Positive minded people.

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Surround yourself with Positive minded people, Pace setters.

There are times in your life that you really need positive thinking people around you. I have come to learn that the more you associate with negative people the more you begin to think that your dreams are impossible.

It’s amazing how people who find it hard to realize their dreams always tell you that yours is just not realistic.

I have now developed an impatience for negative minded people.  We have a huge task in Africa and many think it’s impossible with all the corruption and funding challenges. As for me, am a man of faith and strongly believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. It is normal that as we grow, our friends change. Some friends may not want you to go on, as they are very happy for you to stay with them where they are, some begin to feel insecure about your ideas and growth.

The truth is that, friends who do not help you climb will make you crawl and for where you plan to go, for that big dream of yours, you just need pace setters. So in conclusion, I just need friends that will stretch me, shake me and drive me forward. What do we have to loose. It’s better I give it all I can, than wait and do nothing.

Have a wonderful week and please do your best with your dream. Do not give up. register here for Chabsuk 2017 or give to our charity.

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