Countdown to CHABSUK

COUNTDOWN TO chabsuk 2016

Countdown to CHABSUK

buyyourticketThe countdown to London’s most creative cancer awareness event starts today. 48 days to go. We have packed the day with so much exciting activities.

You will be welcomed with a glass of drink, to help settle you in. Then you get to mingle and take selfies with over 43 Body painters at work. The show kicks off at 7pm with a vibrant African performing band promising to take us all back to the deep cultures of Africa.

During the event you will be dazzled by fashion displays of four of UK best fashion designers and a swimwear collecting from designers from the tropics. All through the night you will have access to free drinks and live music.

As we continue to do our best to raise funds for our Cancer awareness work in Africa, we are happy to announce that from Jan 1st 2017:

  • We shall be airing a Cancer awareness TV program in Africa that will reach over 4 million people. It is your kind donations that is making these possible.
  • Employing two community health workers to help us reach more villages.

Come and join us make a difference in Africa and most of all have a great time. We look forward to seeing you and please come with a friend. The after party kicks off immediately after the event.

From us all, we say a huge thank you.

Organised by: Ronnie Jacobs | Caroline Makaka | Tunde Bella | (Mentor) Bobbi Bicker



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