Years of colouring has made my hair a birds nest, Charlotte Gardner.

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Years of colouring has made my hair a birds nest, Charlotte Gardner.

I have everything I ever dreamed of having (lovely husband, lovely children, lovely house, lovely friends). I give very good advice, but rarely take it. Years of colouring, straightening, abusing has made my hair the glorious birds nest it is today. I enjoy food and drink and my waistline has paid the price.

I’m an experimental cook which usually pays off, occasionally poisons. I’m very busy and hardworking and I still seem to be loved by most who know me so I’m very blessed! In summary: I’m the happiest woman in the world.

My name is Charlotte Gardner and I will be supporting Cancel Cancer Africa at the Chabsuk body paining event in September, which is aimed at raising funds to help them reach more people in rural Africa. To make a donation now click here.

I am a Mum to two beautiful daughters, and Auntie to many Nieces and Nephews. I also have 15+ years of working in Nurseries, Childminding, Nannying positions and I regularly teach at Primary and Secondary schools and Colleges.  I am qualified in Childcare Practise and Child Development and as such I have extensive experience of what children enjoy, and how to bring a smile to their face with my artwork.

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I attended training courses with some of the worlds most esteemed artists, have participated at and received awards at some of the worlds most respected competitions. My designs and skills can also cater for Grown up events and my services as a professional face and body artist can fit into all kinds of events.

I still enjoy bookings at small private parties as much as the larger corporate events and I have extended my skill set to include balloon modelling, freehand glitter tattoos, make-up, and special effects which is very popular at halloween!

I have an extensive experience in the following types of events: Children’s Parties, Art Workshops, Grown-up Parties, Family Events, Shop Openings, Village Fetes and Fairs, School Events, Private Photoshoots, Public Demonstrations, Exhibitions.

If you would like to see my work and meet me before booking me for your event, I regularly paint at several local events and I would be happy to provide a design for you to demonstrate the standard of my work and the care that I take in creating each individual design.

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I would be happy to discuss your event with you and help you find the perfect service to bring colour and entertainment to your upcoming event. If you have any 
further questions or would like to speak with me about your event please email me here:

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