Monika Schaible we appreciate you.

monika schaible

Monika Schaible we appreciate you.

Monika Schaible we appreciate you. We are very sure everyone reading this blog feels exactly how we do. When we were planning our event (chabsuk), we were asked to call you for some ideas with our event. We were overwhelmed by your humble support before and during the event.

What makes you special is not just the service you give to people but the passion and commitment you show to your work. You are prepared to walk through bricks to get that ‘winning’ shot. Once again Monika, we all appreciate you. Know this, “in all labour there is a profit”. In due time the world will come looking for you, that we are sure of.

You deserve every love.

We are yet to met any event organiser who does not know Monika, unless you live in a hidden rock in some far away land. lol. You put the same energy into paid and charity work. You are constantly working for the best of each event you cover. We wish you all the best in life.

When we needed advise you were there to talk us through ways of making our event better. You really are special. We want to use this medium to ask everyone reading this blog to leave a short facebook comment to show how much you mean to them.

Your pictures brought out the beauty and personality of our event. Thank you.

monika schiableWhat I know about Monika.

You may know more than me, but with the little I know this is my summary.

Monika is full of smiles while working. Even in the mist of chaos and confusion she makes the best of every situation. So many freelance photographers wait for the environment to be perfect before taking that shot, but with what I have experienced and seen with MS, she just gets up and go ‘take the shot’.

Monika from the bottom of our heart we all at Chabsuk say a very huge thank you. Everyday we will continue to grow our friendship.

If any of you need a friendly professional to cover your event, just email, and you will come back to tell us thank you.

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