The problem with positive confession

The problem with positive confession

The problem with positive confession

While doing what we do in rural Africa, educating people on the early Signs and Symptoms of Cancer (Cervical, Prostate & Breast), we hear many reasons why people refuse or delay coming forward with early presentations, is because of the problem with positive confession.

One of the sad belief that bother me mostly is that many of the poor people in Africa refuse to go get diagnosed or get early treatment as they are thought by their religious preachers to pray and confess positively for the tumour or swelling to disappear. If they accept that they have a disease it means they have accepted the verdict of the ‘devil’.

To make matters worse they are encouraged to attend daily deliverance or healing classes/sessions to pray about the symptoms and not to go to the hospital, as it will mean accepting the disease, which is not inline with their religious belief.

The really sad part of this story is that when the children of the preachers or who ever is telling them not to go to the hospital falls sick, their first action is to take their children to the best hospital for treatment.

Do not get me wrong, I do not have anything against positive confession and prayers for healing, but I strongly feel that we should give unto ‘Caesar what is Caesar and Paul what is Paul’s’. If you are sick you go to the hospital and then pray for the medical team to be giving wisdom to diagnose the ailment and treat it.

It is bad enough that these poor people do not have money to treat themselves than getting exploited by positive confession messages. Yes when you think positively it helps you recover better and keeps you in a good state of mind. I am all for this.

So my little rant today is for some religious preachers in Africa to be precise and honest and encourage their members to go see a doctor as soon as they detect any sign or symptom of Cancer or other diseases.

The fact is that, there is just not enough medical facilities to give the adequate treatment when Cancer is diagnosed at the later stages and worse off these patients just do not have the money to treat themselves.

Please go see a doctor and then pray afterwards for healing and wisdom for the doctors. Have a blessed day. If you need more information please contact us at


the problem with positive confession


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