Volunteer for Events.

As a charity, we value our volunteers local and International support. Volunteers help us at our fundraising events, medical outreach and administrations.

Volunteer for Africa.

We welcome both medical and non medical volunteers to travel with us to rural Kenya or Nigeria to assist our local Nurses and health workers.

Volunteers are expected to:

  • Fund their full flight tickets,
  • Fund their visa fees and travel insurance.
  • Fund their internal flight ticket to the nearest airport to our program location.

Welfare: We provide free Accommodation, Meals, a high level of security protection and local logistics during your stay in Africa.

Fee: We do not charge any Fees to volunteers for our programs.

Criteria: Volunteers are welcome from all around the world and we accept both medical and non-medical volunteers. (Students are very welcome).

Visa: We do not assist in the processing of your visa, but we may send you a supporting letter to assist your application.

Security: We work very hard to provide adequate security and safety for our volunteers, we strongly advise stay with our security policies and instructions. Taking private tours without the full permission of the Charity management is at your own risk. We do not take liability for any loss or damage to any of your properties, so please be ensure any valuable is fully insured.

Insurance: Please ensure your insurance is updated and stick to the countries rules and safety guidelines. Fundraising: All volunteers must fully participate in raising funds for the success of the planned program.

Pictures: By volunteering you agree for your photographs, videos and any media content created during our activities, to be used for the promotion of the charities objectives. Although our activities may be between 6 – 8 days long, you may choose to join us for not less than three working days (3) excluding flight time.

Wifi: While we work hard to provide a safe and clean lodge, we advise volunteers that most communities may be very remote and without WIFI or phone facilities. Medical: You must visit your GP for the necessary medications required prior to your trip. E,g anti-malaria, yellow fever, etc. Please ask your doctor what vaccinations you need early enough so that you will be able to finish the course before any trip.