Kids Dance Festival is an International dance show featuring Groups, Dance Schools, School groups and Individuals. We welcome you to Kids Dance Festival a show filled with Energy, Passion and Pride and to a very fun filled and exciting dance festivals. Met new friends, learn new dance forms and live your dream.We do not discriminate on Size, Gender or Height. Come with a smile and let’s dream together.

Register for our energy filled Dance shows as we travel across the world. At KDF we enjoy working with Beginners, Intermediate and Professional dancers with Teachers & Performers from schools, clubs and shows. We showcase the teachers and Kids a loving experience of dance and giving.

KDF is not a competition but a Charity event giving opportunities to kids between the ages of 4-18 to showcase their gift. By participating you will be helping the Cancel Cancer Africa charity raise funds for their work in rural Africa. To register kindly go to

Groups will be expected to perform dance routines within a 4-5 minutes time slot, with a minimum of six and a maximum of 24 members. Groups can be a combination or either all males or females. All dance routines should have associated music. The aim of the event is to help to raise funds for the Charity’s work in rural Africa. Registration Now open. No dress Fees.

In choreography we look for Creativity, Artistry, Style & Originality. In execution we look for Timing, Coordination, Projection and the passion to Expressions. We encourage creative and loud Costumes and finally how much do you impact the audience.

We do not encourage pyrotechnic gadgets, smoke or combustible materials as props.







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