Welcome to the Fashion World of Chabs.

What is different about the way we showcase designs is that we bring all creatives together to let loose the giant in them. Every work we project must have a story that can be related to what we stand for, ‘Africa‘. Looking back we have worked with so many creative designers that have helped us share our messages with their imagination. There are no limits to your creativity.

A mixture of traditional African outfits is key to drive home the beauty of Africa. Using modern and creative materials, designers are encouraged to create garments that represent local communities in Africa. It is the creativity that makes one fashion designer different from the other, so we feel. We are happy to work with creative people.

How to join: We always welcome designers and Models to help make our event a success. To join us simply fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you. Follow the link to register . Once we have gone through your work, we will contact you about our decision. All participants are expected to help us raise awareness and funds for the charity.

 The Aim of Cancel Cancer Africa is to Reduce the rate of incidence caused by Cancer in Africa, through population-based screening and early detection programmes about important Cancer warning Signs and Symptoms. We simply visit rural villages in Africa educating the people about the early Signs and Symptoms of Cancer.

Fighting the Cancer scourge in Africa is a long-term process and must be approached from the grassroot up. To do this we must continue to work towards building the capasity of local health workers  and encourage partnerships. By taking one step at a time and one household at a time, we believe we will make a long-term difference.




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