Although we are a UK Cancer charity, we organise various fundraising events and passionately believe that everyone should have access to the same opportunities regardless of their background or situation.

We believe that every child should live their dream. ChabsAbility gives opportunities to kids between the ages of 4 – 16 with any physical or mental impairment the platform to walk the runway or perform on stage.

Next event December 1st, 2018. Get registered now.

We understand, unfortunately that inequalities still continue in spite of difficult opposition and these varies widely depending each person needs and situation. For this reason, we are determined to deliver a fun filled event with equal passion and determination to make it a successful event for the participants.

We encourage you to apply to put your child forward to this event and have faith in our ability do make it a memorable day.

Looking forward to raising more funds with you and have a great day. ChabsAbility is a Cancel Cancer Africa Charity fundraising event for Cancer awareness in rural Africa.


We do not discriminate who we work with as long as you are medically fit to do so. We accept wheelchairs or any form of mobile assisted participants. We believe that everyone must enjoy their dream. We aim to work along side the parents and medical advise to help make this a fun filled day.


To participate at this event, you must be accompanied either by your carer/parent during the period of the event.

Kindly email for more details.


This is a Cancel Cancer Africa fundraising event. Please note that all participants in all our event are expected to help raise fund for our charity work in rural Africa.

Your support helps us build a free community health centre, fund our local services.

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